The High Heeled Horticulturist
The High Heeled Horticulturist

Thea is a trained horticulturalist – having studied the Kew Diploma in Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She has a comprehensive knowledge of plants, botanical science and landscape design.

The nickname ‘The High Heeled Horticulturist’ comes from Thea’s love of very high heels….often around the 5” mark…..and plants of course!

A former wild child with a colourful past, gardening undoubtedly saved her from an uncertain future.
She started gardening in her mid twenties “because no one would employ me!’ and it soon became her passion.
After working as a gardener for five years and attending evening classes in gardening, Thea soon became restless. One night when she was watching students on the BBC2 series ‘A Year At Kew’, Thea decided that she was going to apply for a place on their prestigious Kew Diploma course.

To her surprise, she was shortlisted and after a gruelling interview process, was offered one of only 12 places!

Three long but fabulous years at Kew followed where Thea learnt and absorbed everything taught in horticulture. She excelled in landscape design, gaining honours every year for her designs. Thea also kept up her reputation as a party girl and she has some tales to tell about the infamous Kew parties!

In her final year, Thea got a two week job as a runner for the BBC’s coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show. When she graduated, she went on to work firstly as a runner, then a researcher for the BBC across a wide range of gardening programmes (see credits).

In 2011, Thea got a call from Spun Gold TV to work as a horticulturist on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, which was fantastic and a real honour.

Since then, Thea has worked as an associate producer primarily on Alan Titchmarsh’s programmes including the highly successful garden makeover series for ITV called “Love Your Garden”

Thea also regularly manages to squeeze in landscape design and planting work….she’s often found working 7 days a week just to fit it all in! Anyone who knows her isn’t surprised though as her energy knows no bounds and she is totally driven!

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